UC Irvine to Kick Off CFACT’s Student Op-Ed Contest!

The liberal media has always been favorable to green causes, and CFACT’s students are ready to turn that tide. In the next week CFACT is going to announce a letter to the editor contest, encouraging collegians across the nation to submit op-eds on environmental subjects from a free market perspective. Students at the University of California, Irvine were ready to jump in the ring.

“This is a great opportunity to combat big government arguments on issues like energy and property rights,” said UCI senior Tyler Walker. “We’re always trying to engage our peers on issues related to liberty and limited government, and this is a perfect opportunity to reach many more than we could just tabling or doing outreach.”

UCI Group PhotoWhile all the details have yet to be revealed, the contest will be called “Give Freedom a Chance” and will focus on issues relating to climate, energy, and GMOs. The intention is to bring a perspective of what the free market and innovation can do to solve these issues, rather than freedom killing regulations. The best op-eds will win cash prizes.

“It’s an awesome way to build experience too,” added student Alana Voechting. “The arguments of freedom and liberty don’t stop working when they get to issues on the environment.”

Collegians at UCI are also preparing to host a speaker on free market environmentalism to combat the liberal narrative that those on the right don’t want to engage on these issues. The effort is the culmination of CFACT’s three campaigns: Keep Calm Climate Changes, Frack U, and Stop Playing Games with Hunger.