U. of Minnesota students learn about CFACT’s mission

Stephen Jones, CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, made a stop at the University of Minnesota recently to help boost the morale of their chapter. The extensive and introductory talk, which took place at one of the meetings, further oriented them with the mission of CFACT and its founding. The talk was centered around the ideas of capitalism and how it can be used to help address environmental issues that the world currently faces. This is opposed to the idea that government regulations can help change the temperature and emissions by laws which typically end up stunting the economic trade of ideas.

Jones humors them with one of his political cartoons.

Examples given were the conservation of buffalo and how the private ownership of buffalo habitats ended up saving their species as well as how car manufacturers can help reduce emissions via market demand. Profit incentive tends be more reliable than the idea of the governmental belief that the temperature can be lowered by regulations and penalties which ultimately hurt the public. The students were engaged and were readily available to come up with ideas that would help spread these ideas.

Dylan Saue, the Vice President for the chapter at the university said, “Free market environmentalism is a new concept for many people. The opportunity to bring someone in to speak who works for the organization to come in and teach about that process and the differences between the common environment/climate narrative is crucial for the success of our club.”

The club will forge ahead with more ideas and activities to help bolster these free economic concepts.