U of M hosts founder of the Weather Channel

John Coleman

John Coleman has been a meteorologist since 1953, was a founder of the
The Weather Channel, and the meteorologist for ABC’s Today show. Last
Wednesday he traveled from his home in San Diego to address the CFACT
chapter at the University of Minnesota. Coleman discussed the Global
Warming controversy and how the science has devolved into politics.

Coleman used the story of Al Gore’s mentor and professor Roger Revelle
to illustrate the point. Gore proclaimed Revelle to be his
inspiration for pursuing global warming as an issue. Towards the end
of his career, Revelle publicly apologized for his initial findings in
the 60’s leading to the hysteria of Global Warming. Revelle had
concluded after 30 years of study that the case man-made global
warming was over blown. Al Gore accused Revelle of senility. This
man spirited attack may have been prompted by the ‘D ‘Revelle gave
Gore when he was his student in the 60’s.

Coleman answered several questions after his speech and expressed his
desire to move beyond fossil fuels but acknowledged that the
technology was not there yet. He encouraged the students to pursue
science and engineering to create the next great breakthroughs.