U of M Dearborn Students Learn About Fracking

This week, CFACT visited the birthplace of the Ford Motor Company as Stephen Jones, our National Field Coordinator, surveyed University of Michigan Dearborn students on fracking. 

Assisting him was Rachel Hart, the Leadership Institute field representative for Michigan. The University of Michigan Dearborn is a university that CFACT is attempting to grow it’s presence at making L.I.’s assistance very appreciated.

Fracking, the topic of this outreach, is the process of drilling for oil and gas deep in shale rock. This is a method and initiative that CFACT supports since it reduces energy costs at no threat to the environment. When conducting the survey, CFACT found the Dearborn students to be welcoming and very curious about the issue. Surprisingly, most did not know what it was.

“We’re very grateful to the passing students who took the time to stop and learn about this important issue especially from a differing perspective” Jones said. After her experience, Hart said, “We ran into some great students there! Some students were somewhat interested and some were very in learning about CFACT.”

This trip to Dearborn officially kicks off the collegians recruitment program for schools’ 2022 fall semesters.