U of California, San Diego: “Make Nature Great Again” climate outreach!

Student signing up with CFACT!

The west coast’s newest trend was heard loud and clear throughout the campus of UCSD as CFACT students held their “Make Nature Great Again” event to reach out to students and get their thoughts on the climate debate. Many students at first were echoing the radical green’s narrative of alarmism and hollywoods hypocrisy of carbon offsets.

Student sharing her opinion on climate change.

However, many of the students just sought out solutions to help better the environment and produce efficient energy and were happy to visit with the CFACT chapter to learn more out the clubs stances on the matter. CFACT Campus Coordinator Ryan Irwin said, “Despite the overwhelming leftist narrative many students still wanted to learn about the alternative side to the climate change debate and the free-market approach to helping with todays environmental concerns, one student liked what he heard so much he was interested in joining the chapter!” 

The “Make Nature Great Again” was aimed at attacking the alarmist narrative that climate change is settled science and that the free market can’t fix the environmental issues of our time. Much of Californians were taught from a young age about the supposed wonders of big government as the savior of all their climate and environmental problems. The truth is though the free market is constantly coming to the rescue. Whether it is new technology to help fight wild fires, or bottled water companies helping to solve the drought problem the free market is always leading the way in innovation and solutions.