Tree planting approved at UPitt Bradford after push from CFACT fellow

CFACT intern Shakira Jackson poses on the site of the future tree to be planted on campus.

To spread an appreciation for nature, contribute to stewardship, and beautify campus, CFACT Driessen Fellow Shakira Jackson recently organized the planting of a memorial tree. Once planted and fully taken root, the tree should bring many benefits to students and visitors. In addition to this one tree, Jackson was able to secure a position as a future contact person for tree memorials on campus going forward!

“I managed to connect with a Pitt Alum/donor who was also an environmentalist, and we decided to make a tribute tree,” Jackson explained. “This was through the Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement Office, which is one office. There is a new memorial/tribute tree being planted at the Harriett B. Wick Chapel.  I talked with Facilities a few weeks ago…they will be planting a dogwood tree.  The specific type recommended by the Greenhouse is a Cornus Kousa (Satomi Dogwood).  The donor and I agreed to this type of dogwood.  I am still working with the donor on the wording for the plaque that will accompany the tree.  At this time, I don’t have approval on the verbiage, so I cannot share it, but once it is approved by the donor, then I can share it.

“I am now a student contact person for the tree memorials/tributes at Pitt.  I have been working with Facilities on locations around campus where trees can be planted along with tree types.  Sometimes donors will have an idea of what they want, and sometimes they don’t. Facilities have the master plan for the campus, but I make it clear it is essential not to plant trees where there are major water lines, gas lines, etc.”