Texas A&M CFACT Chair Mounts Campaign for SGA President!

Pulliam for President
Pulliam for President

Recently the Chairman of CFACT Texas A&M in College Station decided to throw his hat into the ring for Student Government President!

Justin Pulliam -one of the top young Conservative activists in the nation, is a CFACT groomed leader!

Aside from attending the U.N. COP 15 Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Justin has a laundry list of CPAC activism on campus! A few of his accomplishments are listed below:

  • Justin organized and participated in CFACT’s worldwide premiere screening of It’s Not Evil, Just Wrong, a film that exposes the true cost behind the global warming hoax
  • He hosted Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to speak about climate science and how it is being politicized and manipulated by the left to support a big government agenda
  • He dressed up as a human sandwhich board and handed out hundreds of fact sheets to educate his fellow students on the errors of global warming alarmism
  • He organized a Green-Police Protest to educate his fellow students about the follies of a campus referendum in favor of a “green-fee.”
  • He launched an effort to defund the Enviromental Issues Committee -a leftist front-group

Justin’s complete 2010-11 academic year list of events can be found here, at Campus Reform Now.

Justin is now ratcheting up his activism, several notches! Recently he launched a campaign for the Presidency at Texas A&M. Today he is leading in the polls!

In the spirit of CFACT Justin hopes to use his position, once elected, to find constructive* solutions to tomorrow’s environmental issues!

CFACT would like to wish Justin all the best in the run-up to election day! 

Pulliam for President

Pulliam for President