Texas A&M brings out the Green Police!

Recently things got pretty heated on campus at Texas A&M and the Green Police were forced to come out and dispel the myths being pushed down the Aggies’ throats. The Green Police were out in full force for several days, distributing flyers and helping show students why the green fee is something they should not vote in favor for. For example, upon passage of the fee, students would be given shower timers and low pressure showerheads. And of course, cost students even more money each semester.
As you can see from the pictures, they definitely made a ruckus on campus! Sadly, people on the left couldn’t behave in a fair and balanced manner and defaced all of the Green Police’s posters. The Green Police certainly didn’t destroy posters campaigning in favor of the fee, yet acted in a very fair, open-minded manner. Interesting that the other side typically lauds itself as being so tolerant. Apparently there’s only tolerance when you agree with their stance on the issue.

Good work Green Police, way to get the message out to students in a funny, yet important way!

CFACTers hand out flyers against green fee