Temple University: Don’t turn to the dark side, protect fracking!

“F*** fracking!” proclaimed one perturbed student as he stole a pro-fracking sign, crumpled it and threw it in the garbage. “You should be ashamed of yourselves,” was what a Temple U photo-oct-18-11-45-00-amprofessor shouted at activists. While CFACT presented students at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with facts, radical liberals fought back with theft and profanity. CFACT even got Darth Vader to convince students to not turn to the dark side on the fracking issue.

Despite the two incidents, the vast majority of the students ended their visit with Darth Vader open to the idea of fracking and convinced that fracking is not just okay for the environment, but is actually helping to save it. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is a process that uses water mixture to break up shale rock and release natural gas from deep within the Earth. The process has led to reduced gas prices nationally, and is revolutionizing American energy. Not only photo-oct-18-11-27-33-amthat, it is having a significantly smaller impact on the environment than even so called “green” energy like solar, wind and biofuels.

“You know you are hitting a nerve when people react so angrily,” said Suzanne Cruz, who assisted with the effort on campus. “We brought facts and science on our side. They only brought insults and anger.”

The radical greens have made claims that fracking is polluting water, causing global warming, and killing ecosystems. Every one of these claims is false. Good for America and the world, bad for the liberals’ ideological agenda.

Here are the facts: After a long study, the liberal EPA of the Obama administration determined that fracking was not causing any widespread harm to drinking water in June of 2015. While fracking uses 3 gallons of water per million BTUs produced, ethanol and soy biodiesel use a combined 60,300 gallons to produce the same amount of energy! In addition, fracking uses 0.4 acre of land to generate a year’s supply of electricity for 1,000 households. A combined 14.4 acres are required photo-oct-18-11-33-19-amto supply the same amount of electricity from solar and wind! Think of the water wasted on biofuels, and the ecosystems cleared to make way for all the acres needed for wind and solar farms.

Finally, when fracking and reliance on natural gas grew substantially in 2012, U.S. carbon emissions went down by 8% when compared to 2002 levels.

CFACT will continue to bring facts on fracking to college campuses around the nation as a part of the Frack U campaign

Also, in case you missed it, here is the video of the greenie who stole the sign and cursed out the activists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nARkt0kXDo