Tabling at Hillsdale College

CFACT has been traversing the Midwest bringing their message of free market solution for complex problems in energy and environmental public policy as being the best options to students. At a recent visit to Hillsdale College, a private liberal arts school near the Ohio-Michigan border, CFACT National Field Coordinator Omarr Peters met up with the conservative school’s Driessen Fellow, Jacob Fox. 

On campus the two partnered with Citizens for Self-Government, a club on campus, to help the organization expand the information that they have expertise on to provide to students by tabling with them. CFACT’s message is a niche topic that not enough students, even amongst the most conservative of activists, have a large enough base of understanding to talk about without proper training and CFACT is able to be that resource for these clubs. Tabling is an important means of educating college students as it involves directly engaging with numerous students who receive literature that breaks down complex issues into simple messages.

Driessen Fellow Jacob Fox tabling with student organization Citizens for Self-Governance

Jacob said about the event, “education is the foundation of a free society. If citizens are not educated about matters, then powerful groups can control government in ways that only benefit themselves. I believe that people can see how a popular narrative is created by powerful economic and social interest groups when learning about our current and proposed environmental policies and that everyone is made better off when people have a personal understanding of environmental science.”

CFACT will continue to work with students directly and through partnerships with like minded organizations across the country as they battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation of voters.