SUNY Albany hosts Peter Murphy to discuss education reform

Peter Murphy SUNY Albany 2Collegians at the State University of New York, Albany are no strangers to the liberal bias that persists throughout much our country’s education system. To challenge this unfortunate fact of American schooling, these students invited Peter Murphy, Vice President of the Coalition for Opportunity in Education, to outline efforts to create more opportunities for students both within and without the public school system.

One of the first topics to fall to liberal bias and sensationalism are the environmental issues. Whether it is global warming or renewable energy, students are taught one narrative, the leftist narrative, from the earliest years of school. IMG_2141

“Increasing choice in education benefits everyone,” Murphy said. “It helps the low income student attend a quality school, and it encourages innovation and competition.”

In New York, fracking is an especially hot topic, as the State just banned the practice earlier this year. With an intense fracking misinformation campaign focusing on flaming faucets, earthquakes, and contaminated drinking water, it is imperative to ensure students of all ages are presented the facts.

IMG_2143“Mr. Murphy helped us realize that reforming education is incredibly important to our State,” student Patrick Cronin remarked. “Increasing choice in education will make the curriculum less biased, give more students the chance to succeed, and prevent the misuse of our tax money.”

“We had a good exchange on the issues,” Murphy added. “You have to think outside the box on these problems, especially education.”