Students find out how much CO2 is there in the atmosphere at Revolution 2023

CFACT’s highly regarded Collegians program kicked off the 2023-2024 school year this past weekend by serving as one of the sponsors of a large student activism conference in Orlando. Hosted by Young Americans for Liberty, the theme of this gathering was called “Revolution 2023” and it drew roughly a thousand student activists and hundreds of state representatives from across the country.

CFACT held a highly successful tabling event at the conference that used creativity to showcase how little CO2 is in the earth’s atmosphere. Posed with the question, “How much carbon-dioxide is in the atmosphere,” attendees regularly gave estimates of between 20-60%. When introduced to the fact that the real number is 0.00004%, many of the youth were shocked that the media and their university instructors had managed to mislead them. To further hammer home just how small this number is, CFACT staff invited participants to dig through a box of 2500 ping pong balls to find the lone “CO2” ball. The exercise was not only fun, but opened the eyes of conference goers and piqued their curiosity about our organization.

Indeed, scores of students signed up for an opportunity to interview with our think tank in hopes of getting one of their prestigious Driessen Fellows positions; CFACT’s campus internship program where students are trained in how to engage their peers in conversations about energy and the environment. Additionally elected representatives from multiple states requested assistance in legislative battles after seeing the expertise that CFACT brings to the table.

CFACT looks forward to another successful school year utilizing original activism stunts such as the one demonstrated at “Revolution 2023”. Continue following for updates on our activities on campuses across the country as well as our efforts to train up a new crop of future leaders.