Springhill College is on fire for Real Energy!

Springhill College student signs up to support Real Energy!

With the college campus culture across the United States being fueled by the radical green agenda, it is a relief to see a university not phased by the pseudo science and which still supports real energy! That campus is Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama where students were eager to sign up to support offshore energy efforts and the fossil industry at large. 

 CFACT Student Marcus Swentkofske, who held a tabling event to see which of his peers would be willing to sign up with CFACT and stand for up for America’s energy sector. The results were outstanding. Within minutes students from across campus were taking a minute between classes to swing by the table and learn more and many signed up!  

According to Marcus, “Many of the students had question about offshore drilling and fracking from what they were told by their professors to believe. Most of them thought the arguments that have been made against these forms of energy extraction were sketchy at best and were happy to learn CFACT was on campus to sort out

Student signs up to join CFACT!

the truth from the green’s lies.”

Outcomes like the one at Springhill College our a direct result of CFACT’s no holes barred approach to taking the fight to the greens on campus. Being equipped with the facts, science, and moral high ground CFACT has made it a goal this year to make its stance on energy known on campus like Springhill College by not compromising on the message and explaining boldly that green agenda is not the answer to America’s energy and environmental needs.