Seton Hall University shows Fracknation in New Jersey

Flaming faucets, earthquakes, contaminated drinking water. These are the scare tactics those on the left use to advance their anti-energy and anti-fracking agenda around the country.

Seton Hall Fracknation 3Collegians at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey thought it was time to challenge these smear tactics by showing Fracknation, a documentary that reveals the truth behind fracking, and the left’s efforts to ban the practice nationwide.

“After holding a discussion of the movie we all agreed that we did not know the truth about fracking until after the documentary,” said senior Jennifer Collins. “It’s eye opening how the liberal environmentalists were hiding the truth and use the media to do so.”

In the documentary, journalist Phelim McAleer investigates media bias and liberal lies in the left’s campaign against fracking. The movie began after McAleer confronted Josh Fox, maker of the film GASLAND, by asking Fox why he did not include in the film that faucets were flaming before fracking ever began in the United States. Based off the reaction McAleer received from the left and from Fox himself, McAleer decided to start digging deeper. Seton Hall Fracknation 2

Many also claim that fracking is causing droughts and reducing the supply of water around the country. But this ignores the fact that fracking uses far less water when compared to other “renewable” energies.

Water Use EnergyFor example, while fracking uses 3 gallons of water for every million BTUs produced, soy biodiesel uses 44,500 gallons of water for every million BTUs produced. Ethanol uses 15,800 gallons per million BTUs.

What about contaminating the water supply though? Well, even the liberal EPA admitted in June of 2015 that fracking did not pose widespread risk to drinking water in the United States. You can read about that here.

While in one state above New Jersey fracking has been banned (New York), collegians hope that this is one step towards bringing truth to the residents of New Jersey on the issue of fracking. The documentary showing was part of CFACT’s Frack U campaign, which aims to reveal the truth on fracking to colleges and universities across the nation.