Seton Hall University screens CFACT’s ‘Climate Hustle’!

In May of 2016, Climate Hustle broke into over 400 American movie theaters all across the country, becoming the #1 movie in America for its one night event. Thousands and thousands of people packed the showings, eager to see the dismantling of the radical left’s climate change agenda. This year, collegians from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, wanted to be a part of the phenomena and teach their peers how to discuss the climate change issue by showing the film at their school.

“I think our group particularly enjoyed the criticism of Vice President Gore, and the false narrative about polar bears in the arctic,” said senior Eddie Colombo. “Obviously the topic is relevant to our generation, and political party. Especially because the Republican party does not effectively attack the issue.”

It is especially relevant to show this film in New Jersey, as the radical left holds strong majorities in both houses of the State Legislature, and has a stranglehold on the Supreme Court of the State. While the current Governor, Chris Christie, is pro-energy and has vetoed dozens of proposals to increase taxes and implement further restrictions on liberty in the name of the environment, his term is coming to a close, and it is unclear as to whether another green liberal will take over the Executive branch. It is imperative the youth of New Jersey begin to learn the truth on these issues.

Climate Hustle takes down Al Gore’s famous film An Inconvenient Truth, piece by piece. It presents dozens of expert climate scientists who refute the claim that carbon dioxide is the control knob that causes temperature changes. The film delves into how the infamous “97% consensus” claim is absolutely bogus, and even goes into the past history of doomsday claims of the left. It is a fantastic tool for arming yourself to argue the climate change issue effectively, and even convert your greenie friends.

If you want to host a Climate Hustle showing at your school, contact us and we will set you up with a free streaming link to access online. It’s up to you to convince your generation of the truth on these issues!

The movie screening was part of CFACT’s Keep Calm Climate Changes campaign, which brings the truth on climate change to collegians across the country.