Rock Climbing outreach at Seattle U!

Christian Spears and another club member attempt to make it as high as they can on the rock wall.

What separates CFACT from other conservative groups is that CFACT actually does things. CFACT students don’t just hold pizza club meetings, and staff does not simply write policy reports that don’t get read by anyone. CFACT collegians are performing activism to convince peers of the scientific facts. They actually go out and put their environmental stewardship into action by performing litter clean ups and nature hikes. And at Seattle University, collegians held a rock climbing wall outreach event to get their peers excited about staying active and engaging with the outdoors.

A Seattle U student victoriously poses at the top of the rock wall in the facility.

“Indoor rock climbing is a great example of how a business model can positively exploit a traditionally outdoor recreational activity and still create a healthy culture of environmental responsibility and stewardship for our natural playgrounds,” said sophomore Christian Spears.

Of course, CFACT is committed to combating the propaganda that students are bombarded with every day from their professors and course work. But CFACT is also about embracing nature and loving the outdoors. And while this event was at an indoor rock climbing facility, for many students, they were able to hone their skills so they are ready to eventually go out and do the real thing without getting hurt.

“This event gave me the opportunity to try a new activity with my friends while demonstrating how the free market can coexist with our natural environment,” added Caedyn Kimble, also a sophomore. “CFACT’s support encourages us to seek out new and interesting experiences that helps us better understand the connections between business and the environment.”

Many students are intrigued by CFACT’s message of enjoying nature while also making sure the needs to people are provided for. Sometimes, however, students get concerned by radical environmentalists labeling conservatives as uncaring or somehow evil. Events like this rock climbing one bridge the gap, and show those students on the fence that its ok to be a conservative or libertarian. CFACT at Seattle University will use the contacts and networking made with this event to perform even more impactful events in the future.