Recruitment Starts Strong 2014 for UVA

 photo-16After recently achieving university recognition, the University of Virginia CFACT chapter is already off to an excellent start.

Margaret Eastham, the chairwoman of the newly formed club, has already been a strong activist for CFACT in the past, including organizing nature walks and assisting in handing out informational flyers at an anti-property rights documentary showing.

On a Tuesday afternoon however, at the University of Virginia winter activities fair, Eastham was focused solely on recruiting new members to the club. After several hours, Eastham was able to get over 30 people interested and signed up; an incredible start.

“Advertising the ‘other side of the story’ seemed to pull in a lot of interest from the environmentally engaged students, Eastham noted, “and because there is a lack of diversity among ‘green’ groups here at UVA, I’m glad we can fill that void.”


The recruitment table set up at UVA’s winter activities fair.