Reboot at Rutgers University

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Last night we met with an energized group of students at Rutgers University hosted by Collegian Matthew Boyer. We sat down to discuss ideas, screen a movie, and start a chapter. The documentary was “Not Evil Just Wrong.” Afterwards, we talked about issues on campus. The group decided it would be really cool to have Marc Morano, of, come to campus to debate a liberal professor. “I think that would be a great event,” Matt said. “I remember Marc from the Eco Summit, and it would be awesome to have him visit Rutgers and to hold a debate.” Plans were also made on starting a chapter. Student Aldo Mayro commented, “I am familiar with Alex Epstein’s work. This is something I am interested in and hope to pursue.” By the end of the meeting, we had all detailed a plan of action. Questions were answered, comments were made, and ideas were expanded. We hope to be recognized by the school in the coming weeks. Future events were planned such as the debate and hosting speakers. The students also plan to finish the film next time they get together. We are happy to the students actively engaged and interested and can’t wait to start working with them during the spring!    FullSizeRender (1)