Ole Miss brakes from tailgating to support free-market environmentalism!


CFACT traveled to Oxford, Mississippi and made a stop at the University of Mississippi to promote free market environmental solutions. CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze brought with him a large supply of bird window decals to hand out to students and show how the free market can make the environment a better place for animals. Most students were in game day spirit and the campus was rioting with excitement. However, many students stopped by to make a difference and show support for the bird decal initiative.20160916_132118


One student remarked, “it is funny to see businesses do a better job at protecting the environment than the radical environmentalist. They push their wind energy platform which kills thousands of birds a year, while saying wind energy is supposed to protect species…it’s a double standard.”


The Ole Miss faculty was also asked to put a bird decal on their window, however unlike the students of Ole Miss the faculty declined to help as soon as they heard the words “free-market”. To the liberal elitist academics it is only good to help the environment if it fits their radical green control agenda. To the students it didn’t seem to matter as much where the help was coming from, but that they were making a difference.


The bird decal giveaway is part of CFACT’s ongoing effort to promote environmental stewardship through free market principles as products.