Ohio State Students Love Fossil Fuels

Ohio State University Students were surprised to see an eight-foot-tall tyrannosaurus rex running around campus with an “I Love Fossil Fuels” sign this week. CFACT National Field Coordinator Omarr Peters and Driessen Fellow Chandler Wysocki were the culprits behind this amusing ruse designed to instigate conversations about the importance of fossil fuels to our economy.

Speaking with dozens of students about the importance of the oft maligned fossil fuels, The T Rex informed collegates about the innumerable ways fossil fuel byproducts are used to manufacture goods that wouldn’t made possible without them.

Students posing with CFACT’s dinosaur

One student, May, was informed how farming would be hamstrung without the nitrogen fertilizers that are fabricated using natural gas. She said, “this type of information isn’t shared on the news. They only speak about the negatives but maybe we really can’t live without these products.”

CFACT activist Chandler, who also took part in the stunt, said this about the day: “It was great to go out in public and have a laugh with students on the Ohio State campus. I think public outreach on the pros of fossil fuels are an important part of keeping the marketplace of ideas fair for everyone.”