Ohio State learns firearms safety and wildlife conservation

A student practices aiming down the sights during the gun safety day at the Delaware Wildlife Area Shooting Range. The range is built on a wilderness area that helps also conserve the environment.

The CFACT club at the Ohio State University organized a shooting safety instruction day at the Delaware Wildlife Area Shooting Range in Ohio. The students got to try their aim at the range, learn about gun safety and the Second Amendment, but also got exposed to smart conservation policy.

The Delaware Wildlife Area Shooting Range is managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The Range is on the Delaware Wildlife Area, which is used by the ODNR for the management and restocking of fish and animals. Hunting is allowed on the Area, though a safe distance away from the range itself.

The Range and Wildlife Area show a well-balanced use and management by the State of Ohio in protecting nature and wild animal and fish populations, but also realizing the benefits of hunting to conservation and the necessity of allowing human use of the land with the gun range as well.

“We brought a few new students that were interested in joining CFACT, and also never shot a gun before,” said CFACT club president Konrad Witek. “We went to the ODNR Delaware range. The point of this range day was to introduce the basics of shooting and gun safety to a few new students. Teaching people the importance of safely handling firearms is one of life’s most important skills.”

A student prepares to fire at a target at the range.

The right to bear arms, while not intended to address hunting when written in the Second Amendment, is still pivotal to hunting rights and key to conservation. Without hunters having access to firearms, animals and lands would suffer, as hunting helps fund conservation but also keeps problem animal populations in check from over-eating and over-reproducing.

Having students be familiar with gun safety and put their Constitutional rights into practice is an important part of protecting liberty and fostering an appreciation for America’s freedoms.