Ohio State learns firearm safety and hunting practice!

CFACT students from Ohio State listen to gun safety training from the experts at Big Walnut Conservation Club

CFACT at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio went to Big Walnut Conservation Club for a 5-Stand shooting event, shotgun training, and bird hunting practice.

“We had a great group of liberty-loving students interested in learning how hunting helps conservation efforts, and who also wanted to exercise their Second Amendment rights for a day too,” said Kenny Horsley, a graduate student and Driessen Fellow at OSU.

The Big Walnut Conservation Club was established in 1948 and is located in Sunbury, Ohio.

An instructor guides student Reese Brooks on the proper technique for using a shotgun.

Made possible through private donations of money and labor, the club has grown since 1948 and has purchased an additional 20 acres, primarily used as wildlife habitat.

According to the Big Walnut Conservation Club website: “The entire property of 64 acres is designated as a wildlife refuge and tree farm. Activities include Trapshooting, Skeet, Sporting Clays, hiking, camping, fishing, supporting youth groups and conservation activities. While the club is a members only facility, the public is invited to clay pigeon shoots and certain other activities.”

“This is what its all about,” Kenny added. “Private individuals providing a space for gun safety training, while also fostering a love for the outdoors and a safe place for wildlife to thrive. Without private investment through hunting and shooting, this space for protecting trees and animals wouldn’t exist.”

Instructors at Big Walnut Conservation Club discuss gun safety and hunting tips prior to going out to the range.

The opportunity to attend the training and take turns at the range helped students better understand how free markets and property rights protect our environment.

The outreach event was part of CFACT’s Save Our Species campaign, which showcases the means by which hunting, which requires ample gun rights, and free markets contribute to species management and conservation.