Ohio State hosts 2nd amendment & hunting conference

Hoffman addresses the crowd on hunting and gun rights.

CFACT at the Ohio State University helped sponsor a conference in connection with Students For Liberty focusing on the Second Amendment and hunting. CFACT’s own Gabriella Hoffman was a featured speaker, and gave her signature “conservation is conservative” talk.

“The importance of the Second Amendment is pivotal to society,” said CFACT Fellow Konrad Witek, the conference organizer. “While the intention of it being written was for protection against tyrannical government, it also vitally important to self defense, hunting, and sportsmen and women.”

As Hoffman pointed out, without the Second Amendment people would be unable to hunt as well as they are now. Hunting is very important to conservation, as many of the fees from firearms sales and tags that are bought for hunting go to support conservation, park rangers, and even National Parks.

In some communities, people still rely on hunting to survive. Without the Second Amendment, they would be unable to exercise those rights legally.

Students learn about conservation, the Second Amendment, and more.