Northeastern U in Massachusetts screens ‘Not Evil Just Wrong!’

Other than perhaps California, there are few states in America that are as sold on climate change alarmism than the State of Massachusetts. Spreading myths and hype about 

Northeastern U students get ready to watch ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ on campus.

humans’ impact on the climate is even a top priority of the State government’s website. The government has an entire page dedicated to explaining humans’ impact on climate change and what the State is doing to prevent it. Most of this, of course, involves taxing fossil fuels and subsidizing unreliable renewable energy.

This is why the CFACT chapter at Northeastern University in Boston, MA knew it was imperative to provide an alternative perspective to what students have been hearing since kindergarten about climate change, by showing the documentary Not Evil Just Wrong.

Club leaders were well prepared with a banner and swag to hand out after the movie concluded.

Not Evil Just Wrong exposes climate change hysteria for what it is: arguments of emotion backed by biased, goal-driven ‘science,'” said senior Aubrey Kenderdine. “By focusing on topics such as the DDT ban in Africa as well as effects of policies on working class Americans, the documentary captures the potential dangers of harmful government regulations through personal narratives.”

CFACT collegians across the nation specialize in bringing the facts to their peers where radical greens run rampant. Boston, MA, of course, was a perfect spot to strike at the heart of green activity with facts presented in an easy to understand way.

The State of Massachusetts has this to say on their website about the issue, however: “From historic droughts, to the winter of 2015, and coastal and inland flooding, climate change threatens the Commonwealth’s environment, residents, communities, and economy. Combatting and preparing for the impacts of climate change will require a holistic approach across state and local government and collaboration with stakeholders from all corners of the state.”

But thanks to CFACT, students in the state are beginning to question that. Aubrey continued to explain her reaction to the documentary: “Environmental policy has proven to be just another item on the leftist agenda of prescribing more government to solve society’s problems, at the expensive of economic gain, individual freedoms, and even lives.”

Look for more exciting things from CFACT at Northeastern University. The students will continue to fight against pseudo-science and climate fear mongering on campus!