New Mexico State Reveals the Truth Behind Renewables!

True or False? Fracking chemicals are extremely dangerous to drinking water. The answer? False!

IMG_1940That was just one of the questions collegians from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico asked their peers. Students had the opportunity to play Renewable Energy True or False, and win candy if they answered the question on the CFACT board correctly.IMG_1946

“These questions are really important to be posing in New Mexico,” said student Kelsi Dornquist. “The government is really involved with subsidies and mandates in the energy sector. The free market and liberty are the best solutions to energy prices and availability.”

The most popular statement that participants chose was “wind turbines are more efficient than coal power plants.” The answer of course is false, as a single coal plant could produce twice as much energy as all of Britain’s 3,000 wind turbines combined. The answers on this one were about 50/50 correct. In today’s green liberal bias, that’s actually pretty impressive for a college campus.

“Environmental issues are just as important to freedom as any other issue,” collegian Marisa Salizar commented. “I loved engaging with students on this, you could tell a lot of conceptions on these issues were challenged.”

IMG_1933The game was part of CFACT’s Keep Calm Climate Changes and Frack U campaigns, which aim to bring attention to the facts behind climate change and fracking to our country’s colleges and universities.