Minnesota CFACT students hike Minnehaha Creek and Falls

To foster an appreciation for nature and sound stewardship the CFACT chapter at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities organized a hike of Minnehaha Creek and Falls.

CFACT club members pose along the hike.

According to the park website, Minnehaha Regional park is “One of Minneapolis’ oldest and most popular parks” and “features a majestic 53-foot waterfall, limestone bluffs, and river overlooks, attracting more than 850,000 visitors annually.”

“Minnehaha Falls and the land surrounding it became one of the first state parks in the United States when it was purchased by the state of Minnesota in 1889. Only New York had created a state park at that time. But the state of Minnesota only paid for the park indirectly and never had a hand in maintaining it. The city of Minneapolis put up the money to buy it and managed it from the beginning.”

Dylan Saue, club Vice President, had this to say about the event: “I thought it went well. It was nice to get outside and host an event different from our typical inside office meetings or bringing speakers in. The ability to walk and explore nature in the center of a metropolitan area is a great way to appreciate nature in a place where many people believe the two can’t co-exist. The park is a great accomplishment of conservation that shows nature and human use can co-exist peacefully without cutting one off from the other.”