CFACT Starts Chapter at Miami University


New CFACT members from Miami University

On a crisp, sunny early September Tuesday in scenic Oxford, OH, conservative leaders and new members of Miami University’s developing CFACT chapter met to discuss plans and ideas for changing attitudes on campus.

These students are excited at the opportunity to continue to grow the already strong, conservative voice on campus and to build support on an issue that affects so many Ohioans. Riley Cook, one of the conservative leaders that attended the meetings, noted enthusiastically, “I really like how CFACT facilitates free market solutions to issues of energy in the United States.” He went on to say that “the economic burden on the average American is overwhelming with current trends, and we need to see change.”

The chapter here is already beginning to plan for events throughout the year, including a trip to the Rumpke recycling pants just outside of Oxford. Although ideas are still flowing for various ways to get the student body active and engaged in learning more about these issues, the members are excited to begin making a difference and are hoping to continuously expand their base as the year progresses and more students learn about the need for REAL energy!