Miami University (OH) holds activism training with Leadership Inst.!

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis shutting down schools, the Miami University Oil & Gas Club and the Miami Students For Life chapter worked with CFACT to host the Leadership Institute (LI) for a campus workshop.

LI is an activist group focused on educating young conservatives in order to increase their campus presence and effectively mobilize for their causes.  Topics discussed were how to most effectively recruit new members for any organization, how to ensure longevity of a club, and on-campus leadership training in order to promote conservative ideals. 

“The Leadership Institute workshop was an invaluable experience for all members of our clubs,” said Jacob Kramer, a CFACT Driessen Fellow on campus and president of the Oil & Gas Club.

“Student organizations, especially those affiliated with conservative causes, are usually left to their own devices on how to promote, recruit, and expand. Alexandra Knowles, the speaker for our workshop from LI, provided excellent and thought provoking feedback and instruction on how to most effectively expand our cause within the Miami community.”

CFACT will continue to work with great allies like LI, the Oil & Gas Club, and Students For Life to foster the advancement of liberty, the free market, sound science, and conservative and libertarian principles in our nation’s colleges and universities!