Lily Kate discusses Hollywood and free speech at U of Houston

Lily Kate takes a group photo with students and attendees after her talk at the University of Houston

Collegians at the University of Houston recently hosted speaker Lily Kate to discuss the troubling side of Hollywood, censorship, and how it impacts the political world.

According to Kate’s bio page, “After competing in speech and debate and winning an all around national title, she headed off to Los Angeles to pursue a career in social media influencing. While in LA, Lily gained more than 600,000 followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok and became connected all over Hollywood.

“During Covid, she realized how dangerous the world of Hollywood actually is, with its heavy influence on social issues affecting today’s youth and the culture. After this eye-opening realization, Lily changed her platform to speak out about social and political issues close to her and is now set to be one of the leading female voices of Generation Z conservatism and Christianity.”

CFACT Driessen Fellow Mikel Moore coordinated this speaking event so that students could hear first hand the experience Kate had in dealing with the elites of Hollywood and the threats to free speech and freedom that comes from many in elite social circles.

“Lily Kate shared her journey from her Hollywood ambitions to using her platform to spread conservative ideas,” explained Moore.

Attendees listen to Kate’s speech

CFACT will continue to stand for free speech across college campuses and around the world. The Left used to champion free speech during the 60’s, and college campuses were the bedrock support of it, as evidenced by many protests made famous especially in Berkeley, California. Today, the Left attempts to silence any voice that questions their authority on issue. This must be opposed, and CFACT students will fight for liberty whenever and wherever possible.