Liberty University CFACT Cleans Up Virginia

Liberty University, the nation’s largest evangelical Christian university, is home to one of CFACT’s many vibrant campus groups. This past semester our campus group there took it upon themselves to put stewardship of the planet into action by cleaning up the beautiful nature preserve at Percival’s Island.

This island, located along the James River in eastern Lynchburg, is home to many of North America’s most beloved species including the Bald Eagle. All too often tourists are careless with their trash while hiking the numerous trails leaving behind a less than pristine environment. Students spent several hours doing cleanup. Julia Heath, our campus Driessen Fellow at LU, stated, “it is important for conservatives to be involved in caring for the environment and helping to make sure it is clean for the community and surrounding wildlife.”

CFACT will continue working to train up students to be demonstrate the classic conservative value of not shirking responsibilities off onto others and instead taking it upon themselves to make this world a better place.