Liberty U students organize clean up of Percival’s Island Natural Area

Collegians from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, organized a clean up of the Percival’s Island Natural Area near the James River. Students collected enough cans, bottles and trash to fill a large garbage bag.

The effort was put together to show how to protect the environment through personal stewardship.

Liberty students in CFACT shirts collect bottles from brush and bushes near the James River in Lynchburg, Virginia.

“We had a great time! Someone even thanked us for what we were doing as they were riding their bike,” said Julia Heath, a sophomore at Liberty University and a CFACT Driessen Fellow.

According to, “Percival’s Island is a familiar landmark in downtown Lynchburg. Visitors may see herons, migrating waterfowl, and many native plants and animals as they follow the paved trail, which bisects the natural area. The James River is the backdrop for any visit to the island, featuring views of both calm pools and rushing waters.”

“The island is approximately one and one-half miles long. The old railroad bed is now a paved, maintained hiking/biking trail that traverses the length of the island. The park is maintained in its natural state as a haven for plants and animals. There are many spots where the James River is accessible and fishing is permitted in accordance with State of Virginia fishing regulations.”

Quite often leftist environmental groups talk a big game about protecting the environment. Yet other than raking in large donor dollars they do little to nothing in terms of real conservation work or environmental protection.

CFACT, by contrast, aims to empower young future leaders to learn the importance of stewardship through personal responsibility, and has coordinated dozens and dozens of litter clean ups around the nation over the years.

Look for more stewardship initiatives from Liberty University and all other CFACT clubs around the nation in the Spring semester!