CFACT Leads Laissez Faire Education at University of New Orleans

This week, CFACT National Field Director Greg Neff and Leadership Institute Regional Field Coordinator Alex Smith teamed up to spread the word about free market capitalism at the University of New Orleans.

After decades of supporting government intervention in the market, such as the recent campus protests calling for DEI requirements in the state, New Orleans has one of the country’s poorest populations. Being Mardi Gras season in the Bayou State, the duo adopted the festival’s motto of “Laissez Les BonsTemps Rouler” (Let the Good Times Roll) to remind students that “good times” need a strong laissez faire economy.

Alex talking with UNO student about the mission of CFACT

The pair of activists presented facts regarding the impact of various economic models on the global population and the difference in the environmental quality between free markets and Marxist economies. The disparity between the outcomes shocked the students. One example, Quentin, who is a traditional environmentalist who didn’t see capitalism and nature as being compatible, had a change of heart by the end of the conversation which provided one example after another of how the planet is healthier where there is less government involvement in the market.