Jonah Goldberg visits CFACT chapters at UW and U of Mn

In what has become an annual tradition for the two upper-midwest CFACT
chapters, Jonah Goldberg addressed packed houses at the University of
Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota. Goldberg is a syndicated
columnist in 150 newspapers, the editor-at-large of National Review
Online, and New York Times Bestselling author of Liberal Fascism.

Goldberg addressed a number of topics ranging from the elements of
liberal fascism in modern day environmentalism, the demise of the
modern media, and Tom Friedman’s pining to be China for a day.
Regarding modern day environmentalism, Goldberg discussed the reverent
and spiritual nature of hard core environmentalists. Goldberg
suggested this religious zeal for the environment explains many of the
scandals and willingness to fabricate evidence, referring to the
climategate scandal.

Goldberg’s forecast for the media was good and bad, “If I were just
graduating from journalism school, this is a great time to be getting
into the media.” Goldberg went on to explain how there were many
different types of journalism opportunities and the old mold of
working your way up from third tier papers to a big city metro desk to
some day become a columnist were essentially over. “By the time you
get to the pinnacle every ounce of individuality has been squeezed out
of you.” But there was also a downside, “There will never be another
George Will.” Goldberg was personally pained by this, “I am within
sight of this goal, I have a column in 150 newspapers…” but
Goldberg doesn’t see it happening for himself on anyone else.

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman came in for special treatment.
Goldberg excoriated Friedman’s calls to be ‘China for a day’.
Goldberg argued that Friedman believes some problems are simply too
big for democratic government to tackle and a totalitarian approach
was necessary. Goldberg was exasperated that Friedman got away with
his totalitarian wish without any push back.

Goldberg also appeared on the Vicki McKenna radio show before his
speech at the University of Wisconsin and made sure to visit his
favorite midwest joint – Culvers.