Illinois State University Students hike through Parkland Merwin Preserve

Riley Wasler, CFACT Driessen Fellow for Illinois State University, recently organized a nature hike for a number of his peers at the Parklands Merwin Preserve. This preserve contains dozens of unique microclimates that were created thousands of years ago by the Wisconsin Glacier retreat. Today it serves as a favorite hiking destination for Illinois residents.

Riley Wasler and others posing during their recent nature hike

As the students meandered through the rolling hills across the varying landscapes., Wasler also used the occasion to inform students about how CO2 is being overhyped in the media, 30×30 is a massive land grab, and the great reset is poised to rob Americans of their liberties.   One student commented about the conversations, “I think the message of CFACT aligns well with conservatives.” Another stated about the outing, “Its important to step back from time to time and see where our ancestors came from.”

CFACT will continue to encourage their Driessen Fellows to get their friends to leave the dorms and video games behind and take time to enjoy the Great Outdoors.