Hunting is Conservation

CFACT held a successful “Hunting is Conservation” at the University of Louisiana. Home to over 15,000 students, this institution is the second largest university in the state and home of Louisiana’s only industrial design degree. 

CFACT National Field Director, Greg Neff, interacted with scores of students challenging them to use a toy gun to shoot an inflatable deer. This activism stunt presented the opportunity to showcase the important role hunters and fishmen play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Many were shocked at how much money (nearly $2 billion) that North American hunters contribute toward conservation efforts in the United States.

Additional conversations by CFACT staff with students at UL ventured into other areas of Committee’s operations — such as the importance of private property ownership to conservation efforts and how leftist agendas such as 30 by 30 undermine them. By demonstrating that traditional activities, such as hunting, are pivotal to stewardship, CFACT is challenging students to re-think the messages they’ve been taught that outdoor sportsman are a bane to the planet.

CFACT will continue to look for novel ways to educate today’s youth about our important issues so that Americans can maintain their freedom, prosperity and healthy environment.