Hey Al Gore- Don’t Fry Our Economy!

WHAT: Al Gore Counter Rally’.Hey Al Gore, Don’t Fry Our Economy!

WHEN: Friday, October 9, 2009 from 11:00 am to 12:00- noon.

WHERE: The State Street Corner of the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin.

CONTACT: Christina Wilson [email protected] 218-590-1632

EVENT HOSTED BY: Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow and Americans For Prosperity Wisconsin

PURPOSE: Al Gore will be speaking at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference on Copenhagen and the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference. Mr. Gore will declare that it is vital to create a global ‘green economy’ as he pushes for an extreme agenda to force the rest of the world, including the developing world, to follow.

Our goal is to show our opposition to the global warming policies advocated for by Al Gore. Al Gore supports policies that are based on shaky science. He continues to misrepresent the science when it proves to be inconvenient for him by stretching the truth or using debunked science like the infamous ‘hockey stick graph’.

The policies he and other global warming alarmists advocate for will bring the developing world crashing to its knees. A country simply cannot develop industry running off of solar and wind power. Policies like those advocated for by Al Gore have real, human consequences. For example, DDT is the most effective weapon against the malaria carrying mosquito. Approved by the World Health Organization as safe to use, Al Gore continues to drive for the ban of DDT, effectively killing millions of people, particularly, in Africa. We believe that people must come first. The facts are that these outrageous myths, posed as ‘science’, have killed millions of people.

Bringing dishonest policies home to the U.S. in the form of Cap and Trade will effectively obliterate what is left of our economy. Green Jobs are not real jobs. Economic studies show that millions of jobs will be lost if Cap and Trade goes into effect. Cap and Trade is ineffective in reducing emissions, and will cause more harm than good. It is all pain, and no gain.

The people that are assembling on Friday will be sending a clear message to Al Gore and policy makers- Don’t fry our economy with Cap and Trade policies!