Hartford, CT students brave the cold to clean up campus

Hartford students clean up litter left behind on campus!

As the winter cold settles in, students at the University of Hartford in Connecticut are heating up with their passion for stewardship.

Kevin Schaeffer, a junior on campus, gathered a group of his friends to give their fellow students an example to follow, and to clean up one of the fields neighboring the campus grounds.

“We wanted to show this campus, which is very Left-leaning, that conservatives care about the environment, and actually do something about it,” Schaeffer said.

At the numerous climate change activist marches and rallies, a disgusting amount of trash is frequently left behind. Signs declaring “save the earth!” are left discarded on the ground, polluting the landscape and the environment.

This past week, a Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia gathered thousands of protesters and patriots in action to stand up for the right to bear arms. Afterwards, photo and video went viral of the protesters cleaning up after themselves, even going as far as to scrape up stickers off the asphalt that had accidentally fallen there.

“That’s the example we’re trying to set here in Connecticut too. My hope is people will see what we’ve done and go ‘maybe there’s something to free markets after all.'”