GMU’s Sammy Yang brings CFACT to campus

Sammy Yang, our collegian at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, helped spread the CFACT word about the benefits of fracking and helped debunk common media falsehoods. The table, which was set up in the Johnson Center (known as the J.C. among students) featured a creative draw in order to attract students into interacting with representatives that helped give a different perspective on this environmental energy issue.

Students who approached the table (one of which actually worked on fracking in Western Pennsylvania) could partake in a quiz that helped test their knowledge and educate them on this misrepresented issue. The prize, of course, was candy which was throughly enjoyed. Questions included: “What takes up more land? Oil rigs or solar panels?” and “Why does water set on fire? Is it due to fracking or methane gas that can be naturally found in it?”

Of course, solar takes up more land, and the issue of “flaming faucets” is not caused by fracking, but by methane found naturally abundant in an area.

Our National Field Coordinator, Stephen Jones and our GMU collegian, Sammy Yang are ready for students.

Since this is a university, one would expect a left-wing bias by default however, students seemed to get a lot of the answers correct and showed interest by signing up for more information. Yang’s experience was informative as he would tell us after the event, “My experience tabling for the first time was awesome because I got to meet people who are interested in joining the George Mason University CFACT chapter coming up this November.”

We look forward to hosting more events at GMU and expect even more of an enthusiastic and interested response than we did our first attempt this semester.