George Mason grows free market message on campus

Peter discusses CFACT’s mission with a new recruit on campus who is excited to get more involved.

Collegians leaders Peter Darko and David Bucarey spent the better part of their morning recruiting students to CFACT’s free market message in the Johnson Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

While other students were sleeping, preparing for class, or playing the new Call of Duty video game, CFACT’s leaders were hard at work trying to grow CFACT’s presence on campus.

“We really want to grow CFACT to the point where we can make an even bigger impact on campus,” said David Bucarey, a sophomore. “Doing stewardship events like litter clean ups, going to a gun range to exercise our Second Amendment rights, and inviting a speaker on issues like socialism or hunting are all events we want to going forward.”

Peter and David met with several interested students as they walked through the student center on their way to class.

“We talked with a good amount of people and got more sign ups to get involved with the club,” said Peter. “One girl was going to forward it to a group of students interested in unique environmental solutions, so we might be able to partner and help them learn about free market solutions to problems.”

CFACT’s presence at George Mason is especially important being that it is very close to Washington DC, and could be a perfect place for even more students to get involved in hearings or events happening in the nation’s Capitol.