Gabriella Hoffman talks conservation with Texas A&M

Hoffman begins her talk going through conservation facts at Texas A&M.

CFACT’s Gabriella Hoffman recently spoke to the Turning Point USA club at Texas A&M University on how “Conservation is Conservative.” Hoffman hosts CFACT’s “District of Conservation” podcast and also CFACT’s “Conservation Nation” YouTube series.

“Howdy from Aggieland! Great time speaking at Texas A&M University last night on conservation and environmentalism,” Hoffman said after the talk. “Awesome group of students and lots of questions.”

Hoffman explains in her talks to students how purchases for hunting and fishing go to fund conservation efforts. Without hunters and anglers, many conservation efforts would be nonexistent in this country from lack of funding.

Hoffman also goes into the history of conservation, and how a policy of managed use is the correct way to manage the environment and resources. This is contrary to the idea of “preservation” (which means mostly hands off, don’t touch). America’s public lands, parks, and natural resources need to be responsibly managed by stakeholders, policy experts, and those on the ground to benefit both the environment and people. The leftist environmentalist idea that humans need to be excluded completely from the environment in order to protect it is patently false, Hoffman argues.

The message resonated with the student leaders and they plan to incorporate this message into their events and messaging going forward. CFACT will continue to spread this positive, balanced use message of conservation with the leaders of tomorrow!