Gabriella Hoffman at Auburn University

Gabriella Hoffman made her first trip ever to the state of Alabama and set out on speaking gigs for CFACT across the country, known nationally as an authoritative author and commentator on wilderness and outdoors, regular contributor on Fox News, Townhall, and other media sources. The topic du jour for the evening at Auburn University was why conservation is conservative.

Gabriella posing with some of the students

The Left often takes the credit for being the “protectors” of the environment, while maligning their opposition as the enemies of nature. But contrary to this oft repeated trope, Gabriella demonstrates how the Right, not the Left, are the true defenders of the planet. By going through a series of important data points, she systematically makes her case that leftwing policies harm the environment while conservative ones improve the Earth and human welfare. 

CFACT Driessen fellow Jalen Heard, who organized the event, commented, “There are many conservatives, especially students who are not educated on the conservative take on conservation, the environment, and climate change. What an honor it was to be a vessel for CFACT to come and educate our [Turning Point USA] students on this subject, especially since it’s a huge issue for Gen Z.”