Gabby Hoffman completes national “conservation is conservative” tour

CFACT’s Gabby Hoffman, host of the Conservation Nation YouTube series and District of Conservation podcast, recently wrapped up a whirlwind tour of the USA with talks at several college campuses.

Hoffman (center) poses with students after her George Mason University speech.

The talks occurred at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, Florida State University, Michigan Technical University, George Mason University in Virginia, the Ohio State University, and Boston University.

Hoffman’s speeches focused on how conservation truly began with Republican politicians, and most conservatives are the true conservationists of the current day. Without hunting, fishing, and sportsmen and women, there would be far less funding for conservation and parks.

“Hunters and anglers tend to be Republican and conservative by a pretty overwhelming majority,” Hoffman said at her Michigan talk.”The Left loves to conflate preservation with conservation…it’s pretty clear what one strain of environmentalism does versus the other and why the two should not be conflated with each other. So preservation in my view…they want fewer people to have a seat at the table, they want government top-down solutions to fix environmental problems, even if it leads to more people paying at the pump, and also paying more in electricity bills.”

Hoffman is helping to lead the charge to enlighten student leaders on why they should be conservationists, not preservationists. Our environment is best managed when humans are involved in the process, not a “don’t touch, hands off” policy.

Look for even more talks from Hoffman next school year!