Fresno State Students Shocked That Climate Change Might Not be Man’s Fault

During a recent tour of California, CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Greg Neff, went by Fresno State University to pass out literature countering the mainstream political narrative and discuss these facts with students.

Fresno State is a public university in California with an enrollment of over 25,000 students and home to numerous climate alarmism activists. In recent years community members have participated in events such as a “climate strike” where employees refused to work for the day and a summit discussing how agriculture has harmed the environment.

Greg Neff handing out copies of the pamphlet “A Strong Case: Refuting the Myth of Manmade Climate Change”

That day CFACT was able to interact with hundreds of students carrying on in depth discussions with many. Students, such as grad student Peter, said they had heard that some people denied manmade climate change but those people were just chills for big oil. He was shocked to learn that there is such clear correlations disputing what he had always heard.

Without CFACT’s bold presence on college campuses nationwide many students would never know that there is another side to this debate which is why we will continue fighting to get the truth out. We look forward to the fall semester where many more similar activities will take place.