Free Market Solutions Revealed at George Mason University!

Collegians at George Mason University brought the free market solution of deer whistles to campus, in order to prevent deer to car collisions and raise awareness for how free enterprise can img_0372steward the environment. The unique product can be placed on the grill of a car, and the wind blowing through the whistle produces a sound only deer can hear. When deer hear it, studies have shown they freeze, reducing the likelihood of wandering into the road just as your car is passing by.

George Mason, remember, is the home of Jagadish Shukla, the professor that penned a letter to President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch img_0365to investigate “organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change.” While GMU’s Shukla howls against the supposed ills the free market is doing to the climate, CFACT thought there would be no better place to counter his narrative with how free markets are making the planet a better place.

“People don’t realize that businesses and individuals have solutions to environmental problems too,” said Matt McMahon, a senior. “Deer whistles are a great product to keep deer and people from getting injured. It’s actually been on my list to get one.”

img_0363There are 200 deaths that occur each year due to collisions with deer, and there are 10,000 personal injuries and 1 million car accidents annually. By installing a simple product on an automobile, one can drastically reduce the chances of such an accident.

While the greens on college campuses always talk about stewarding the planet and saving wildlife, they hardly do anything to make a difference about it, other than protest or complain. These acts do nothing but draw attention to the protesters without offering any real solutions. CFACT students, on the other hand, put their money where their mouth is.