FAU Club Educates Their Peers About the Little Ice Age

Students at Florida Atlantic University, with the help of CFACT, spent the day educating their peers about the Little Ice Age and how this period of global cooling manipulates the graphical temperature data that climate alarmists so often use. Handing out popsicles and flyers with facts about this several hundred-year event which ended in the 19th century, the group was able to engage over one hundred youth with literature and conversations.

Club President Nick Coyte speaking with other student about Little Ice Age

Climate extremists for years have been trying to write off the Little Ice Age as just a regional anomaly, but research has consistently shown it to be a cold period globally that can’t be ignored. One student, Monica, said, “This is the first time I was ever told that there was a Little Ice Age so recent in history. When you hear Ice Age you think of cavemen, not cowboys. I can see how that would make the information about rising temperatures a little less concerning.”This was the type of response the students consistently gave throughout the event. When students came over to claim a free popsicle, CFACT activists used that hook to lure students into a discussion about these scientific facts.