Eco-Summit 2016: Equipping college activists to battle the “green” machine

Eco Summit BannerEvery year, America’s youth is subjugated to a never ending barrage of liberal talking points and green indoctrination on college campuses. It is CFACT’s mission to dismantle this radical machine and equip free market activists to fight back. The biggest tool in CFACT’s arsenal is the annual Eco-Summit, where conservative and libertarian students from around the country are invited to hear from expert speakers and trade activism tips and war stories with one another.

This past week, students from all over the nation, including Louisiana, Texas, California, New York, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, and New Mexico (just to name a few) dropped anchor in Minnesota at Cragun’s resort on Gull Lake for CFACT’s 13th annual Eco-Summit!

CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker opened the weekend up by speaking at the welcome bonfire with a brief history of CFACT and the goals and mission of the organization. The students were eager to learn more.

Eco Summit 2016 Roy SpencerCollegians had the opportunity to hear live lectures from various speakers who took the time for questions and answers posed by the students to encourage a deep understanding of the subject matter. Those speakers included Dr. Roy Spencer who discussed the real data on climate change and how, despite popular opinion, carbon dioxide is not a poison. Eco Summit 2016 Bonfire Craig

Adam Olivier of Texas A&M said “I enjoyed getting to hear the other side of the climate debate from experts in the field. It seems like only the alarmist side is told to us at our University.”

CFACT’s own Marc Morano and Paul Driessen discussed the lies of the alarmist extremists and how they are greatly destroying the third world’s ability to prosper and modernize. Other speakers included Virginia farmer and property rights activist Martha Boneta and energy expert Marita Noon. During the presentations students asked engaging questions ranging from how to best fight against the pseudo-science to discussing what resources they could bring back to their campuses to spread the word about real energy.

“It was awesome,” said Heraldi De La Cruz of Seton Hall University in New Jersey. “I am really looking forward to taking all this information and sharing it with those on my campus as soon as I get back.”

IMG_0280It wasn’t all hard work, though. CFACT also made sure fun and relaxation were a part of the program, particularly that which enabled the students to enjoy the nature and environment it is so important to steward. Collegians took to Gull Lake on pontoon boats to explore the surrounding habitat and take a swim.IMG_0200

Finally, multiple workshops and breakout sessions were also held as National Director of Collegians Adam Houser and Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze gave instructional insight on how to make waves on each attendee’s college campus.

“This is the best conservative-student conference I’ve been too,” said University of New Mexico student Vivianne Gonzalez, “and I’ve been to a lot of them!”

“It was great to meet with so many other activists from around the country that shared my passion for liberty and free markets,” said Paola Vargas of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “My time at the Eco-Summit will be cherished always!”