Driessen Fellows Attend the Stop 30X30 Summit

CFACT recently co-sponsored a national conference for elected and public policy officials to learn about the gross governmental overstep that is 30×30. This initiative, which has its origins on the global level, is being thrust upon America by the Biden administration is a plan to have governments transform 30% of all land and waters to complete wilderness by the year 2030. If successful this plan would decrease available farmland, limit the ability of the American people to enjoy the great outdoors, and leave large swaths of America at risk to wildfires due to the government’s poor history of maintaining healthy forests.

Several of CFACT’s Driessen Fellows attended this conference to learn about the importance of property rights and the dangers of this federal landgrab. The collegians were provided an opportunity to learn from the preeminent experts in the field including Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (who posed with several of the students in attendance), Marc Morano, Heartland Institute President James Taylor, and many others. In total, six of CFACT’s youth from three states were in attendance. 

One student, Lucas Lejeune from University of Louisiana Lafayette, commented about the educational opportunity saying, “Everyone was very passionate about what they were standing for and were eager to share their knowledge with the members of the conference.” Brandi Cunha of Illinois Tech added, “the 30×30 summit laid out the climate science in a digestible yet comprehensive way that provided me the tools to go fight against the infringements of our liberty.”