Dr. Fred Singer Wraps up the “Global Warming” Hoax in California!

Dr. Fred Singer

Over the past decade the left has gone berserk about so-called “global warming” -even though the globe has not shown any signs of warming in at least twelve years!

In an effort to put a stop to the insanity, CFACT has unleashed long-time physicist, mapping expert, and one of the pioneers of global positioning systems (GPS) in California -Dr. Fred Singer.

Singer’s California salvo started with UCLA, where CFACT students and faculty where treated to a slide show highlighting how faulty data is used by “global warming” alarmists to create computer models with dooms-day scenarios, none of them true of course.

Dr. Singer highlighted that ocean and atmospheric thermometers show that no warming is taking place. Only the land thermometers show isolated warming. Upon investigation into the conflicting data Dr. Singer noticed that all the land thermometers were located in urban areas -that weren’t so urbanized just twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, many of these thermometers were surroundED by trees or in very open areas, in sharp contrast, today they are surrounded by blacktop cement which emanates heat, jet engines, and sky-scrapers -all of which block wind, shade from trees, and other localized cooling factors.

Dr. Singer further noted in his lecture that the “EPA” has classified carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.” “How could this be?” he pondered, “Carbon dioxide is a natural constituent of the earth’s atmosphere! Carbon dioxide only makes up one-tenth of one percent of the earth’s atmosphere! Carbon dioxide is not significant! Water vapor is a more significant green-house gas. But do you know why the EPA doesn’t call water a pollutant? Because they can’t regulate and tax it yet of course!”

Singer continued, “You know why the intercollegiate left is on board with this hoax don’t you? Because they want tenure! In order to obtain tenure young faculty members must be published. In order to be published they must obtain federal grants for research. In order to obtain federal grants they must placate the powers that be! One professor received $1.5 million dollars to investigate the effects of “global warming” on children’s brains. I can answer that one in a minute! It scares them!” Singer was greeted with thunderous laughter.

Aside from UCLA Singer gave similar lectures at Chapman over lunch, and at UCLA. He also appeared on channel 9 news in San Diego, twice.

Dr. Singer, an 88 year-young physicist, had an outstanding trip to California and everyone is looking forward to having him back again next year!