Collegians’ letters to editors opposing radical environmentalism published in PA, DC, and CT

Photo from left: Sophomore Shakira Jackson of the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford; sophomore Joe Frederick of the Catholic University of America in Washington DC

Screenshot of Shakira’s letter published in The Express

A Knight-Gallup poll from last year showed that Americans are very concerned about media bias. 83% of those polled said they “currently see ‘a great deal’ (46%) or ‘a fair amount’ (37%) of political bias in news coverage.” Of course, the vast majority of this political bias is to the Left of center.

To fight this bias, CFACT Collegians published letters-to-the-editor in papers in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Connecticut that show the truth behind climate and energy policy!

Shakira Jackson, a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford, successfully got her op-ed published in four separate publications! The piece was titled differently depending on the paper, but this one summarizes it the best: “Biden’s oil and gas ban harms the environment, economy.”

Shakira’s piece was published in, The Express out of Lock Haven PA, The Williamsport Sun-Gazette, and, a news source based out of Western PA. You can read each piece in the links attached to the paper names.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Screenshot of Joe’s letter published in the student paper.

It shouldn’t be harder to fund projects that protect our nation’s environment. While banning oil and gas leases may seem environmentally friendly, it will increase our reliance on big polluters abroad. As a young person, I wish we would do better for our environment and reverse this ban.

Additionally, CFACT leader Joe Frederick published his article in The Tower, the student newspaper of the Catholic University of America, titled: “A Collegian’s Response to the Green New Deal.” You can read it here.

Joe had this to say about the Green New Deal: “I feel free markets are the way to go, not big-government policies like the Green New Deal (GND). This is because the GND is not just about the environment, but about controlling many aspects of our way of life.”

Finally, CFACT Driessen Fellow Kevin Schaeffer published his letter-to-the-editor in The Informer, the student newspaper of the University of Hartford, CT. His piece is called: “The Truth About the Green New Deal.” You can read Kevin’s piece here.

Screenshot of Kevin’s letter published in the student paper at University of Hartford.

Kevin pointed out the facts on the Green New Deal, saying: “Rep. Ocasio-Cortez continues to push the GND as a savior of humanity via environmental conservation, but conveniently leaves out the sweeping economic changes the GND would bring about. Chakrabarti believes the GND is about creating a more ‘equitable’ future, and many people see this as a positive. However, according to Heritage Foundation the GND would raise national electricity costs by 12-14%. Electricity costs are already high as it is, the last thing that struggling people need is higher electric bills.”

Great work to all our incredible Collegians for putting in the time and effort to publish these excellent letters! The public is more aware of the facts than they were before thanks to their hard work.