Clemson University students strive to be first in football and species sustainability!

CFACT Southern Regional Director meets with students who support CFACT’s message!

  Though known throughout the University sphere as a top tier football school students at Clemson University decided to also leave their mark as a school who promotes free-market solutions to species sustainability. CFACT at Clemson handed out window decals to passing students recently to promote the many ways the free-market helps in dealing with unnecessary animal injuries and death.


 Clemson University being in a rural part of South Carolina sees many different animal species on campus ranging from stray deer, bears, varmints, and a large selection of birds. Many students discussed seeing birds often knocked unconscious or hopping slowly on the ground due to being in shock after colliding with windows and doors on campus. Many of the students were happy to sign up and help prevent the bird injuries and took the decals to bring back to their dorm and apartment, others were ready to recommend to their professors to put the decals on the windows of their classrooms. This event was proof of how students from all backgrounds can come together to help nature because of a invention by a private company to save bird lives.

Bird Decals students were given to help prevent bird injuries.

This Clemson student is happy to help CFACT in preventing bird injuries!

  Sadly in most cases radical greens would have handled it differently and would have likely wanted to shut down buildings or halt progress due to the bird injuries instead of trying to actively find solutions to the problem. One student remarked, ” It is hard to find groups like CFACT who care about the environment, but do not actively fight against industry and progress. CFACT seems to be the reasonable option for todays environmentally minded students.”


 This event is part of CFACT’s Save Our Species campaign which encourages students to use free-market minded ideas to solve todays species and animal welfare problems. Along with taking trips to zoos, aquariums, and park clean ups, CFACT hopes to change the hearts and minds of nature lovers away from the radical green agenda of control and regressive ideas, to a more balanced and free-market approach.